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Strategy Acceleration
Get a deeper and more current understanding of your market faster by fully leveraging your industry's events. But don't stop with a deep understanding and a great strategy! Industry events are also prime opportunities to accelerate your strategy execution through targeted market influence.

Tap into Alévant's worldwide network of strategy, intelligence gathering, and market influence experts via the following services:

 Strategic Scanning and Intelligence
Alévant's customizable strategic scanning and intelligence service leverages strategy and intelligence experts across the globe to:

  • Gather strategic opportunities, threats, and specific intelligence onsite at your event.
  • Train your event staff in state-of-the-art techniques to gather strategic opportunities, threats, and other intelligence at an upcoming event.
  • Coach your event staff in technique application while onsite at your event. This service includes complete war room planning and execution during your event.

Key benefits of this service include:

  • A real-time advantage as you gather opportunity, threat, and other intelligence that might take months to gather in other ways.
  • Higher quality and more actionable information from your event. No more chicken scratch notes. Get rich information in usable soft and hard copy formats.
  • Enhanced capabilities of your event team as they are trained and coached by best-in-class professionals.

 Market Influence
Execute your strategy faster by influencing your market in your favor. Our customizable market influence service leverages experts in personal and organizational influence to:

  • Reveal (based on Alévant's sophisticated analysis techniques) how individuals and organizations in your market tick in terms of making decisions.
  • Train your event staff in how you to influence individuals and organizations, especially focusing on strategies to implement during your industry event.
  • Coach your event staff in applying influence strategies in preparation for your event and while onsite at your event.

Key benefits of this service include:

  • Increased control over market conditions. Rather than reacting to market conditions, which might be surprising and negative, take proactive actions to create a favorable environment in which your strategy can best work.
  • Enhanced capabilities of your event staff so they can better help you execute your strategy through personal influence techniques.

 Instant Research - Strategic Support
Conversations at industry events often turn up tidbits of information that could indicate an opportunity or threat. Similarly you often meet new or unexpected people. Don't wait until after your event to learn more. Our instant research service provides overnight reports on people, rumors, technologies, and so forth so you can take advantage of that knowledge immediately.

Key benefits of this service include:

  • A real-time advantage as you fill knowledge gaps quickly.
  • Deeper understanding of people and topics so you can rapidly adapt your market influence and information-gathering approaches.

 Security Diagnosis
How secure are your company's secrets? Our experts can find out by applying their intelligence expertise to gather designated information from your event staff and reporting the results.

Key benefits of this service include:

  • Fewer security breaches as you find and fix vulnerabilities.
  • Faster remediation as you identify secrets that might already been compromised.

 Company Position Diagnosis
How is your company perceived by customers, suppliers, and competitors at your industry event? Our experts will use their intelligence expertise to get the answer from tradeshow participants. The result is a rich qualitative report of participants' perceptions of your company.

Key benefits of this service include:

  • A more accurate understanding of market perceptions towards your company than getting that information through your event staff.
  • More effective sales, market influence, and intelligence approach as you adjust your approach based on real-time perceptions at your event.