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Sales Acceleration
Get more sales faster by fully leveraging your industry's tradeshows, conventions, and conferences. Alévant's worldwide network of experts can help. We offer the following services and can provide additional customized solutions upon request.

 Expert Lead Debriefing with Overnight Transcription
Capture the critical but often forgotten or neglected contextual details essential to influencing customers to buy. Our debriefing experts use proven methods to capture qualified leads plus critical contextual information from your sales team. The next morning your sales team receives the previous day's transcribed information in an actionable format that puts your team on track to accelerate sales.*

Key benefits of this service include:

  • Preventing almost all qualified leads from falling through the cracks. No more deciphering chicken scratch on the back of business cards gathered weeks ago.
  • Minimizing the possibility of overlooking or forgetting critical contextual details required to deeply understand and genuinely influence your customers.
  • A real-time advantage over the competition. Use data-driven strategies to start pursuing sales immediately during your industry event.

A daily strategic planning brief is included free when bundling lead capture with a Strategy Acceleration™ service. Various levels of data tagging are also available to enable advanced analysis of qualified lead data.

 Sales Process Capture and Diagnosis
Find and fix sub-optimal patterns in your sales process by keeping a pulse on your sales force's real world sales interactions. With your permission, our experts will pose as potential customers, capture their interactions, and provide you with actionable sales process recommendations and supporting analysis.
Key benefits of this service include:

  • The elimination of bias caused by direct observation.
  • A record of actual sales interactions you can use in future training sessions.

 Instant  Research - Sales Support
Quickly learn key information to help you pursue a sale more effectively. Our overnight research service provides reports on specific people, organizations, or technologies that you encounter during a tradeshow or conference.
Key benefits of this service include:

  • A deeper understanding of your sales prospects, so you can adapt your sales approach.
  • A real-time advantage over the competition by adapting your sales approach immediately.