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Transform your trade shows, conferences, and conventions from expenses that merely keep you on par with competitors, into major sources of competitive advantage.

Alévant™, a global alliance of intelligence and market influence experts, can show you how to get more value faster from your industry's events. Our services result in:

  • More and better customers faster
  • A deeper and more current understanding of your market faster
  • An ability to influence the market in your favor faster

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Get Three FREE Instant Research credits with your purchase of a qualifying service.* Call now for details:


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*Offer expires 5/28/2010. Qualifying services include 1)Expert Lead Debriefing with Overnight Transcription and 2) Strategic Scanning and Intelligence.

“The training, mentoring, and support at the tradeshow enabled me to do three months of work in four days in Houston.” (executive, Canada)

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Want to get a lot more out of your sales leads?

Leverage our professional service for debriefing sales teams attending shows—by phone.

Its simple…We capture sales and market insight data over the phone and give you the results the next morning.

It’s inexpensive…No Travel costs! 

It’s immediate…No training necessary. The only requirement is a short over-the-phone orientation to help our professional debriefers know what targeted information to pull out of your best conversations.

Get real resultsBuy a few credits to test it out and then add on as needed. 

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