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Customer Experiences
Experts within the Alévant™ alliance have helped numerous technology, consulting, service, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies around the world improve their intelligence and market influence techniques at industry events. Here are some customer comments particularly focusing on the training and coaching Alévant™ provides.

“This is something that can be a value to nearly everybody. It should be required of those that go to large trade shows. It is applicable to both governments and the private sector….The training allowed me to do much more at Paris Sial than I could have done under normal circumstances. The process yielded more and better information.” (Executive, South Africa)

“[The training] provided specific techniques to us which allowed us to immediately go out and begin gathering information that we thought was previously difficult to obtain. If intelligence is akin to treasure hunting, the Conversational Intelligence [training] is the metal detector.” (Shane Balloun, Maxtor)

“I really enjoyed it. The process made me think carefully about what I was trying to find and what decisions needed to be made.” (Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa)

“The competitive advantage methodologies so logically and passionately espoused to us by [the] trainers have had an immediate and significant impact on our bottom line.” (Stan Sojka, FMC Corporation)

“The process assisted our companies and the association itself in acquiring more reliable information in less time. It is something that we will use again and recommend to our members.” (Manager, Membership Services and Marketing, BioAlberta)

“I was able to use CI techniques to optimize my info gathering exercise. A 'focused approach' was, I believe, the key to a productive two days… The show was huge and would have been overwhelming if not for the CI preparations.” (Shaw Industries, Canada)

“Cutting-edge, hands on CI training that provides a variety of skill-development no matter how advanced the CI practitioner.” (Michael Forthun, financial services firm, Atlanta)